Short presentation

AISCRIS is an Employer’s Association belonging to CONFINDUSTRIA SERVIZI INNOVATIVI E TECNOLOGICI (Federation of Innovative and Technological services). The purpose of AISCRIS is to represent, assist and defend the interests of the sector on a national and international level. AISCRIS, also support the development of international cooperation through initiatives and discussions. It represent an interesting experience conducted by a group of Italian counselling companies that have homogeneous professional profiles and similar reason for joining the association. One of the aims of the association is also to organise and run services that are of common interest to all the members, as well as to promote and increase the number of study and research works in the field of innovation.
The association collaborates, all over Italy, with network of employer’s association and especially with the branches of services sector of provincial association under the coordination of CNCT (Comitato Nazionale di Coordinamento Territoriale – National Committee for Area Coordination) of Confindustria.